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iClone4 combines filmmaking & video production inside one powerful engine
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iClone Studio is a complete 3D movie application with real-time animation and actor creation tools for rendering movies with ultimate detail. Create characters, scenes, and special effects for films in a total 3D environment.

It is designed for users of any skill level, and is equipped to easily perform 3D character creation using any photos, custom face and body shapes, easy design of clothing, custom faces, facial animation, motion, accessories and real-time foliage ecosystem.

Create, Play, Edit, Share a movie. Build 3D scenes and special effects for animated movies. iClone uncovers the technology of creating full motion 3D avatars and video story-boarding. Using the Editor Mode lets the user create scenes and define the actors; Director Mode: makes Filmmaking simply like playing a videogame.

Additionally iClone transforms any desktop into a complete virtual movie studio. Filming movies inside iClone casts users as the role of director with Timeline editing control over scene animation and exporting options to set a movie for Mobile, Web or PC.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Build 3D movies, characters and special effects


  • Templates are available only in the paid edition, and you must register to use the trial
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